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– R Craigie (2010)

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New Zealand Royal Honours

2018 Philip John Craigie, of Dunedin, QSM for services to music: “… He has been musical director of the Mosgiel Brass Band since 1988.”.

2018 Leslie John Graham, of Masterton, QSM, for services to brass bands:  “Mr Graham held various offices with the Mosgiel and Kaikorai brass bands for 30 years.”

Higher playing honours

National Band of New Zealand

When he was conductor of the Mosgiel Municipal Band, Steve Wedlock was selected for the 1992 National Band of New Zealand as an Eb Bass player.

Several ex-National Band of New Zealand players, who were playing in other bands at the time of their selection, have also played in the Mosgiel band over the years, including (but not limited to) Alan Brieseman, Robbie Gibb, Fred Knopp, and Duncan McMillan.

National Youth Brass Band (NYBB)

Joanna Craigie (cornet), Robert Craigie (percussion), Erynne Scherf (flugel horn), Harry Smith (Euphonium) and Stacey Ward (cornet), were selected at various times for the NYBB.  Erynne also held the National Youth Flugel horn solo title in 2008. 

In 2009 Stacey Ward travelled to Japan with the NYBB. 

Harry Smith was selected for the NYBB tour to China in 2012.  Harry was later selected as principal euphonium for the NYBB in 2020 and 2021 when he was playing with St Kilda Brass. 

National Secondary Schools Brass Band

Solomon Baldock, Robert Craigie, Harry Smith, were all selected for the National Secondary Schools Brass Band at various, and in some cases multiple, times. 

In 2021, when the prevailing health risks dictated that rather have a national band there would be North and South Island Secondary School Bands; Lilly Eyles was selected to play for the South Island.

Services Bands

Steve Wedlock served in the Army Band for ten years and was musical director of the Airforce Band for eight years. 

David Clearwater served in the Army Band as did Peter Christie.